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Category : In-line spinner
Specifications : 200 mm (55 g)

This king size spinner, the Double Piker perfectly meets the expectations of hunters of trophy pike in lake and river. With two Colorado 8 blades, it emits strong vibrations for maximum attraction.

Double Piker will surely be your next spinner of choice for fishing trophy pike and other large predators. Its axis stainless steel wire 1.2 mm ensures robustness. Her skirt Flashabou Magnum waves and constantly flickers. It provides volume and concentrated attacks at the hook. The central ballast achieves great distances avoiding tangles.

Double Piker is designed for optimal use in linear low and medium speed recovery thanks to its two large Colorado blades facilitate tracking by predators irrespective of the visibility conditions.

Armed with a strong treble hook 7/0, it will manufacture and maintenance of larger fish that you’ll get to capture.

Color chart

NEWDouble Piker 200 mm (55 g)DP01 (FLUO COPPER)SAPLD500355-DP01
NEWDouble Piker 200 mm (55 g)DP02 (METAL RED)SAPLD500355-DP02
NEWDouble Piker 200 mm (55 g)DP03 (FIRE TIGER)SAPLD500355-DP03
NEWDouble Piker 200 mm (55 g)DP04 (ORANGE GOLD)SAPLD500355-DP04
NEWDouble Piker 200 mm (55 g)DP05 (SILVER SHADOW)SAPLD500355-DP05
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