The line is a crucial link in the chain that connects you to the fish. We worked with Toray Industries Inc., a world leader in synthetic fibers offer the ultimate in monofilament nylons: Aya.

Specifically designed for lure fishing, Aya has all the qualities expected and ranks as one of the best monofilament on the market. Versatile, it will bring you satisfaction, wether you are hard lures addicts and “power fisherman” or a devoted user of soft lures. Developed a specific and unique way, it offers the best “flexibility / resistance” balance for each proposed diameter.
The use of “Polyamide +” almost as resistant to abrasion as fluorocarbon, you will set the hook and fight the fish with success in all kind of situation. This specific material improves resistance to crushing and gives strength to the outstanding knots. The increased sensitivity of Aya nylon mono, obtained by the very low stretch rate of “Polyamide +” allows you to feel the slightest bite and ensure effective long-range hook sets. A benefit for all your soft lures rigs (Jig head, Texas rig, Drop shot, etc.) or jigging.

Finally, the photochromatic watermelon fluorescent colouring “, the translucent light green tint makes this thread almost invisible underwater and delivers subtle neon purple glints off the water for better monitoring of the line and visual bite detection.

Offered on wide spool and wound in continuous turns (Parallel winding), the line keeps all its qualities through optimal storage.
Nylon SAKURA appouvés par l'EFTTA
* Tests for determining the breaking force and elongation at break performed by independent laboratories IFTH accordance with the NF EN 13895 (March 2003) – ISO 2062 EFTTA.
CodeDiameter (mm)Test (kg)Test (lb.)Length (m)
FISK 00150150,1481,53150
FISK 00150180,1782,25150
FISK 00150200,1962,96,5150
FISK 00150210,2103,57,5150
FISK 00150240,2394,510150
FISK 00150270,2695,512150
FISK 00150300,2986,614,5150
FISK 00150310,3137,416,5150
FISK 00150330,3308,418,5150
FISK 00150390,3879,320,5150
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