Hybrid and Fluorocarbon


Developed and manufactured in Japan by a double extrusion process, the hybrid fluorocarbon monofilament Aya spectrum is a line that combines the qualities of fluorocarbon with those of a Hi-Grade copolymer.

Ideal for finesse fishing and difficult conditions, thanks to its native characteristics, this hybrid fluorocarbon can be used directly spooled on reels, Aya Spectre is also a very good ally in the strongest diameters for heavy cover (jig, Texas rig, etc.) or large swimbaits as leader material.

Its specific composition based on fluorocarbon (100% PVDF) ensures maximum discretion (refractive index fluorocarbon 1.42 against 1.62 for nylon) and a high abrasion resistance. Its very low stretch will offer you an immediate detection of keys and a successful hook sets, even at great depths. The flexibility of the copolymer enables a very natural presentation of the lure and a perfect control of the line with minimal memory.

Some of you also prefer this type of hybrid fluorocarbon compared to more rigid versions, called “hard” for making leaders and tippets. Its exclusive treatment Duraspeed optimizes slides and significantly increase casting distances. This surface treatment also significantly improves the knot strength, usually known as a weak point on pure fluorocarbons.

Hybrid and Fluorocarbon SAKURA approuvées EFTTA
* Tests for determining the breaking force and elongation at break performed by independent laboratories IFTH accordance with the NF EN 13895 (March 2003) – ISO 2062 EFTTA.
CodeDiameter (mm)Test (kg)Test (lb.)Length (m)
FISK 02150180,1752,455,5150
FISK 02150190,1942,96,5150
FISK 02150400,39510,824150
FISK 03100450,45814,732,5100
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