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Category : Casting jig
Specifications : 72 mm (49 g)
Depth range : jusqu’à 3,5 m

This new Sakura lure has been studied for tuna fishing and other marine predators under the best conditions. Compact and very dense, you can cast it at great distance with ease to get into action at the right time.

This lure is a hybrid between a pencil bait and a casting jig, the Lead Pencil works on a horizontal plane by animating it to make it zigzag or retrieving it at high speed to trigger the most violent attacks. In order to resist the biggest predators, we recommend you to rig Lead Pencil at the head with an assist hook as you would with a metal jig.


NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)A10 (AURORA BLUE)SAPLE500672-A10
NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)A22 (AURORA SARDINE)SAPLE500672-A22
NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)LL09 (SILVER MOON)SAPLE500672-LL09
NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)P05 (PEARL LEMON)SAPLE500672-P05
NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)RL13 (REAL LIFE MULET)SAPLE500672-RL13
NEWLead Pencil 49 g (72 mm)RL15 (REAL LIFE MACKEREL)SAPLE500672-RL15
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