TRINIS Casting A - 701 M 1

TRINIS Casting A - 701 M 2

Code SAPRE800970-1M
Model TRCA 701 M
Length (feet) 7′
Length (m) 2,13
Power Medium
Lure rating (g) 5-21
Line rating (lb) 4-12
Action Fast
Pieces 1
Closed length (cm) 213
Weight (g)

TRINIS Allround Series fishing rod – Casting

TRCA 701 M

The trinis casting TRCA 7 M will satisfy anglers who are increasingly looking for single piece long rods.

The 2.13 meters of this Sakura lure rod significantly extend casting distances to quickly comb large areas with big hardbaits (minnows, stickbaits, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbait or blades) or to quickly pit worms or rubber Jigs on confined and congested workstations. This extra length also makes it possible to perfectly control its lure and shackle efficiently in great depth when fishing in the lake with swimbaits, shads or palette shadows. The action and power of Trinis 7 ‘H is well suited to the panel of commonly used lures from 10.5 to 40g. It is already considered a standard.

  • Mitsubishi Japan IM30T + HM36T Carbon blank
  • Fuji guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Ergonomic EVA handle
  • Quilted fabric case
TRINIS Casting A - 701 M 3

Guides : Fuji Alconite K-Frame Tangle Free

Alconite or reinforced aluminum oxide, is the third material on FUJI quality scale for the construction of the ceramic ring of the ring.
It is behind SiC in terms of thermal conductivity, sensitivity, sliding and abrasion resistance.
It is resistant to the friction braids.
The polished stainless steel frame and is a great resistance to marine corrosion.

FUJI Alconite is very often used as a component on rods in mid-high range.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Sakura offers to benefit from the advanced technology of Fuji with the use of new rings of the “K” series.
The development of these rings has resulted in an uncommon frame profile that cancels any risk of tangling when casting.
Used on all our trinis rods, the “K-Frame” rings will bring great security and comfort whatever the conditions..

TRINIS Casting A - 701 M 4

Reel seat : FUJI PTS – Palming Trigger Reel Seat

Trinis rods are equipped with Fuji reel seats.
Robustness, ergonomics and precision in their construction are the characteristics of these essential accessories for the proper attachment of the reel on the rod, a guarantee of comfort and efficiency.
The “PTS” reel seat is ultra-light and very ergonomic. Its innovative design greatly improves the ease of use when holding the reel in the palm of the hand. Although it looks more imposing than previous models, the PTS is lighter and offers a large area of contact between your fingers and the blank, and between the reel foot and the blank. This greatly improves your perception of your lure and the most subtle bites. It multiplies the sensitivity of the exceptional blanks of Trinis rods!
Often copied but never equaled, the Fuji reel seats are true reference points in the world market. They mainly equip the most high-end rods for freshwater or sea. So you also require the FUJI quality!

Grip material : High density EVA and AAA Cork

Compact and dense EVA foam used on our rods ensures a comfortable fit regardless of the weather conditions and perfectly transmit the vibrational messages sent by your lure and bites from your target fish. The AAA quality cork adds a classic touch.

TRINIS Casting A - 701 M 5

Grip length.

L1 : – mm

L2 : – mm