Baitcasting reel


Our casting reel AZZURRO will fit in perfectly with our rods Sportism Neo to create aesthetic combos and have a value for money unbeatable at this level.

The AZZURO SBC 201 has a solid metal frame, a more precise new mechanical and robust HEG and an Magnumlite aluminum large capacity spool. Highly adjustable brakes will allow you to successfully complete your first steps in casting while the Dartainium fighting drag will stop the largest trophy fish.

Specifications AZZURRO SBC 201
  • 6 bearings with 2 « made in Japan » S A-RB
  • metal frame
  • Magnumlite aluminium spool
  • 1 anti reverse block
  •  HEG gearing (High Efficiency Gear)
  • Centrifugal brake 4X8 fast calibration
  • fighting drag Dartainium, powerful and progressive
  •  Ergogrip handles
  • Weight : 220 g
CodeModelBearingsWeight (g)CapacityGear ratioRecovery per turn (cm)Drag (kg)
SAPRC70622017AZZURRO SBC 2016 + 1220110 m / 0,30 mm6.2:1664
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